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Enter the Dragon
Dragon Software
Image by Mantissa.ca
New studies for Action Painting. Punches, slaps, kicks, and throws and are extracted from films using custom software and used as material to compose abstract expressionist paintings. This composition was made from the movie Enter the Dragon.

More information about Action Painting is available here: www.mantissa.ca/projects/actionpainting.php

M. Alan Peyrard describes software Thompson CMS write for themselves
Dragon Software
Image by wbaiv
Thompson CMS, outside Grenoble, bought more than one GR16/180 tester- possibly the last one made, after the lights went out. M. Peyrard was a very smart and hardworking engineering leader and got the very best out of us in the USA, GR-France, and his own folks at Thompson.

GenRad Semiconductor Test Division STD STI GR16 GR180 "User’s Group" Tampa, Florida, 1988