l Dragon Medical Images:

Dragon Medical
Image by tokidoki_red_eyes
Un panneau gigantesque dédié à Team Medical Dragon, un seinen édité chez Glénat que je vous conseille de lire d’urgence !

Squat dragon learns sign language.
Dragon Medical
Image by londoninflames
The sign language sheets were found amongst some kibble in the basement. I really wanted an explore down there and see what other stuff i could find of interest.

Dragoncitos Eliezer and Julito
Dragon Medical
Image by ReSurge International
Its only been a few days since 8- year old Eliezer got a new hair cut. Before, he had worn it all the way down to the waist to hide his deformed left ear. Still, kids in the neighborhood made fun of him and called him names. However, now he knows things will change, after this and a few other surgeries he can show off his two ears.