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332. & Ninety-Six
Dragon Age Origin
Image by rachelakelso
November 28, 2014

SO TIRED from NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving and EVERYTHING. I woke up with a bad crick in my neck that hurt down my left arm and so I played Dragon Age Origins all day, stopping only to heat up leftovers and then make some dhal which I didn’t do a great job of. The lid came off the turmeric. It was fine. Shaun said it was great, but it tasted like disappointment to me.

Felicia Day 4
Dragon Age Origin
Image by GabboT
Felicia Day being interviewed for Wizard World Chicago

Dragon Age Origin
Image by peterjr1961
Hilt of a Dagger

ca. 1300
possibly Italian, Venice

This very unusual hilt was purchased by Arms and Armor founding curator Bashford Dean from a Parisian dealer about 1895 and is his earliest personal acquisition that can be identified in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection today. Dean considered it to be possibly Venetian and made about 1300. He may have interpreted the strongly Asian nature of the dragons entwined around the grip as indicative of a place where eastern and western styles mixed, and therefore concluded that it originated in Venice, an active crossroads between Europe and Asia in the Middle Ages. The actual place of origin and date of this hilt, however, remain open to question.