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It’s my birthday week
Voice Recognition Software
Image by BenSpark
And because it is Eva’s birthday week I will be featuring her as the photo a day all week. But with such a cutie how can you be disappointed that. I’m using voice recognition software tonight to do all of my blogging. Is going really quickly and the recognition software is adapting to my voice very easily. More at The BenSpark

More at www.utterli.com/u/utt/u-ODAxNDk0Nw

Oakland, United States
Voice Recognition Software
Image by 350.org
three of the six old fogeys from Oakland California’s Beacon Presbyterian
Fellowship who wandered through Oakland Lake Merritt Park passing out 350.org
literature, and engaging people in conversation about global warming and
Californians evil Proposition 23!

Marilyn Chilcote
I use voice recognition software and and you may well run into some strange word