Game of Thrones – Dragon statues (set of 3)

Game of Thrones – Dragon statues

By the way these cost me around £33 each so £100 in total, there price there being sold for seems to vary. If there’s any questions or anything i didn’t cover that you want the answer to, let me know.

Apologies for my breathing, didn’t realise it was being picked up. I must of had my phone to close to my mouth xD The video is quality is bad, i know. I am recording from my phone camera so it’s the best i could manage.

Set of 3 dragons/Collection of 3 dragons
Drogon, Viserion & Rhaegal
Dragon eggs (that i put with them on display)
Limited edition of 1,250
Sculpted by Gentle giant studios
Includes certificate of authenticity

Thanks for reading the description 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The long awaited tutorial for the Ender Dragon Statue is finally being made.
This part will show you (hopefully) how to make the head and neck.

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  1. Alejandra Hurtado.

    This is hard as fuck 

  2. Erik Strömberg

    Awesome and perfekt

  3. Anze Zalik

    His EnderDragon ar so big!!!! :O

  4. MintyScarlette

    GUYS!!! cut him some slack here.
    stop complaining and use ur brain maybe?

    1) It’s TOO QUIET!
    :turn the volume up maybe? or get better speakers!

    :its black wool, c’mon guys. Black wool is hard 2 see
    :or ur screen is at the lowest brightness!!!

  5. Felix Montoya

  6. puppy pret

    cool enderdragon

  7. themw2trickshotguy

    So cool

  8. emilie andré


  9. kashem ali

    Technically its not a 16*16*16 square its a cube

  10. Ender boss

    A command to summon an stopped enderdragon I am not sure but in 1.8.1 only
    try it on another world not were you build because I am not sure now if it
    didn’t work so just reply because again I AM NOT SURE so
    /summon EnderDragon {NoAI:1}

  11. Simon Hackett

    love it

  12. Danyel Oxford

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Helena Demeterova

    I wish i could give you a thousand lakes in this video

  14. Devil_Warrior55

    Just came back to see myself speak in this video, sorry for being pretty
    quiet. Didn’t actually realise until now! 

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